Cost of Trip
The cost of the expedition is $4,000 (subject to change depending on airfare), of which a $300 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of application. This deposit will secure your spot on the expedition. Remember, all payments are tax deductible.
Items for Donation
As part of the expedition, everyone packs items for donation as part of our luggage. Each of you will carry on all your personal items and fill your two 50 lb. check-on bags with much needed supplies for our project. The supplies should be collected by each expedition participant and do not need to be new. Get your friends, family and community involved! This year we are looking for soccer balls (with pumps), sports equipment, hand tools, children’s books (the kids speak English), text books, first-aid items, work gloves, school supplies, paint brushes and rollers.

Malawi Expedition 2017

Expedition Dates: 16 August - 4 September, 2017 (possible early return when flights are secured) Tens of thousands of children attend primary school in the rural Mangochi area of Southeastern Malawi. However, few are able to go beyond the 8th grade because there are no secondary schools in the region. Without this opportunity the children can only follow the example of their parents and grandparents to an existence of subsistence farming, malnutrition, and limited hope for the future.

This summer World of Difference volunteers will partner with others from Warm Hearts Foundation and the villagers to build the area's first high school. A well has been drilled to provide clean water, and the Education Ministry has approved the site, which will be accessible to children in 8 surrounding villages.

The volunteers will build classrooms, a library, lavatories and desks for the first students, who will begin classes in September. The volunteers will also bring books and school supplies, as well as sports equipment. For a preview of the excitement and satisfaction of the project, watch this link of last year's project at Makumba School.

Join Our Team
Come and join us in building schools in Malawi! Each year World of Difference coordinates an expedition to Malawi where volunteers will work side by side with local community members in the slums to build schools, paint, teach, and specialize in community development. Expeditions generally last 2 and a half weeks and cost approximately $4,000 (which includes airfare, in-country accommodations, food, bottled water, transportation, visas and building materials for the main project in Malawi). The price of the expedition is subject to change, depending on airfare. All donations for the expedition are made to World of Difference and are tax deductible.

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