Our organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged children through construction of schools and health education.



A look at A World of Difference's trip to Malawi, where they built a school, visited an orphanage and worked in a clinic. In making this slideshow, it was very interesting seeing what Africa looks like. I think it's really a raw look at what helping others really is.


World of Difference was founded by Kindee Nielsen Dixon, Jodi Nielsen and Dr. Rick (Ranger) Nielsen in 2006 during which time seven schools have been built or modified. From 1998-2006, the founders were involved with other organizations under which an additional five schools were constructed.


President: Kindee N. Dixon Board: Tadd Sorenson (Chair) Brieann Stewart Tony Listner Kathy Benson Johnny Listner Jodi Nielsen Dr. Rick (Ranger) Nielsen

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