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Apply for a Trip

You can help to make a World of Difference in the lives of Africa’s children by joining us on an expedition.



Help us give children a chance by helping communities build schools and train teachers, as well as assisting them with supplies needed to provide a proper education.



You can donate to the building of a school in the slums of Africa or join us on an expedition to get involved personally.

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Malawi Expedition 2017

Departure Date: 16 August, 2017 Return Date: 4 September 2017 (or prior, based on flights secured)

Tens of thousands of children attend primary school in the rural Mangochi area of Southeastern Malawi. However, few are able to go beyond the 8th grade because there are no secondary schools in the region. Without this opportunity, the children can only follow the example of their parents and grandparents to an existence of subsistence farming, malnutrition, and limited hope for the future.

This summer, World of Difference volunteers will partner with volunteers and villagers in Malawi to build the area's first high school. A well has been drilled to provide clean water, and the Education Ministry has approved the site, which will be accessible to children in 8 surrounding villages.

The volunteers will build classrooms, a library, lavatories and desks for the students..

The volunteers will also bring books and school supplies, as well as sports and playground equipment. For a preview of the excitement and satisfaction of the project, watch this link of last year's project at Makumba School.

This experience made me grateful to be alive, and grateful to be giving to someone else...

-Tony Litster

Together, we ARE the difference we want to see in the world...

-Melanie Carlone


Our organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged children through construction of schools and health education.



A look at A World of Difference's trip to Malawi, where they built a school, visited an orphanage and worked in a clinic. In making this slideshow, it was very interesting seeing what Africa looks like. I think it's really a raw look at what helping others really is.


World of Difference was founded by Kindee Nielsen Dixon, Jodi Nielsen and Dr. Rick (Ranger) Nielsen in 2006 during which time seven schools have been built or modified. From 1998-2006, the founders were involved with other organizations under which an additional five schools were constructed.


President: Kindee N. Dixon Board: Tadd Sorenson (Chair) Brieann Stewart Tony Listner Kathy Benson Johnny Listner Jodi Nielsen Dr. Rick (Ranger) Nielsen

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